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Default Re: The Bridge and Channel of God - The Early Lee

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Yes, thanks for filling me in. I have ended up having a similar experience because God used TLR to finally break through my resistance to the gospel, and saved me there. Then I had mostly good (and many strange and not so good) experiences there for seven years. Then bam! What I thought was a sweet church life turned incredibly bitter almost overnight. And I have spent and continue to spend far too much time trying to understand, learn from it, move on, and warn others about it. My conclusion after 5 years on these boards now mirrors yours. I’m also convinced the blessing was also related to the fact that in those days (1970’s and early 1980’s) we actually had our Bibles open, were reading them, and saints were testifying, praying and praising the Lord from that and not just “what Brother Lee or Nee said”. Over time that was increasingly restricted to “just from LSM” and the freedom and joy of the Holy Spirit became much, much less. Too bad!

Sounds like But, if anyone wants to see why Ohio and I think this book could be Exhibit A for checking if early Lee and later Lee were different (and see the answer was “not much” just minor terminology changes), need only read the last two paragraphs of the first chapter where Lee talks about God desiring to mingle himself with man so man can become a god-man in nature but not godhead. This was 1953. Forty-one years later that was his “High Peak Revelation” (making it sound like a new thing).
JJ, I really would like to read your introductory post, but I couldn't find it. Do you remember the title?
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