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Default Re: Recovery Leader Pours Nearly Half-Billion US into Boston, MA, area

Originally Posted by rayliotta View Post
Gerald Chan gave the commencement speech at the Harvard School of Public Health in 2012. Full transcript available at the link below.

I looked it over and he had a lot of interesting thoughts. I would like to ask Gerald Chan a few questions. Mr Chan, would you speak these words to the young adults in the Lord's Recovery? Do you think the admonition to "read, reflect, and ruminate...observe and deduce, postulate and verify" is consistent with repeated admonitions to "get out of your mind," such as the "church kids" in the Lord's Recovery so frequently hear? Mr Chan, do you believe that members of the Lord's Recovery are -- in all actuality and in all honesty -- actively encouraged to "be curious, be open-minded," and to "discuss, debate and discourse," within the framework of the Lord's Recovery as a group?
Bringing these questions forward. Did Mr. Chan speak out of line, encouraging young college students to debate and to question? It doesn't sound like what is heard in the Local Church SSOT, college conferences and Full Time Trainings.

Why the disparity between what's spoken for public consumption and what's internal? Reminds me of WL telling the Seattle newspaper reporter, "Here, we are so free" whilst Ray Graver was telling Bill Mallon, "Here we do what we are told."
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