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Default Re: Bill Mallon's Passing

Originally Posted by Thankful Jane View Post
Some here may be interested in the link below that contains many handwritten notes by Bill Mallon made during two periods of Local Church "rebellions" (1977-78 and 1987-1992).

These notes are collaborative historical evidence that will aid in confirming what is true about these two so-called "rebellions." (Many of today's church-kids were born around the time Bill was making these notes.) His notes have not been made public before now. Over the years, the Living Stream Ministry leadership has rewritten history to support their own narrative (their cover-up) of the truth about things that happened during these so-called rebellions.

Out of respect for Bill, before reading any of his notes please read first all of the material in the topic/thread that begins with “Bill’s Request: ... (It is also found at the link below.)

Bill Mallon Speaks Posthumously

Someone brought to my attention that some of the threads containing Bill's notes are missing. (There should be 27 threads with notes from his notebooks and 2 more threads with notes that were in envelopes.)

I finally figured out that all the threads are visible only to users who are registered and logged in. A recent software update may be the culprit. I will put in a support ticket tomorrow. So, for now, until the problem is solved, the only way to see the rest of the threads appears to be to register and log in. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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