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Default Re: Late 1970s Boston "storm"

Originally Posted by eDh22 View Post
I came across this 1979 letter from, it looks to me, a Matt Anderson. It's a helpful contemporary narrative from someone who initially supported "the ministry" and then repented and was cast out.

He says, "Quite a few things I said in spite of a protest in my conscience...Some of the things I said were misrepresentations of the truth. And some things were just plain untruths...I have put all these things into your ears; now all I can do is recant and apologize." I think many of us can relate and empathize, or at least applaud his courage for recanting and apologizing.

It's also tragic as we review the questions and concerns that he asked that got him cast out - BECAUSE THEY ARE THE SAME WE ARE ASKING 40 YEARS LATER!!!
The author of this letter back in 1979 should not be confused with Matt Anderson who has been a poster on this forum, and would have been a child at that time.
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