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Default Re: Bill Mallon's Passing

Originally Posted by Bill Mallon letter to Witness Lee
Later, at an Irving training, the office called on the carpet Brothers who represented the churches in the South. With video cameras trained on them, the office reprimanded them for not financially supporting Roger Fiero, berated them for not being one with the ministry, and pressured them for monthly pledges under a cloud of intimidation. In fact, the brothers were asked to write out checks totaling $6,000 right on the spot for his personal debts, and then to pay monthly amounts for his pledged support.

But before this time, not once was the opportunity for fellowship given to the brothers, for they were not aware of this matter. Afterwards, when Tom Cesar asked Ray Graver for an explanation for the seriousness of the meeting, Ray sharply answered, "we do what we are told!" This incident is contrary to your fellowship with the churches in that the full-timers should be approved by the churches. (Recently, it was discovered that Roger had received double, overlapping support for a few months after this training from both the office and the churches--what a bungled mess!)

Several months later, Roger was manifested to be the wrong brother, because of such weaknesses as fabricating stories and practicing opportunism. Once Tom Cesar and John Little called the office about problems he was causing; they were accused of an impure heart, being not supportive of the work on Davison campus.
Bill Mallon's letter showed what we're looking at here: a two-faced, duplicitous ministry. When Ray Graver told Tom Cesar, "We do what we are told!" this was in clear contradiction to Witness Lee telling the newspaper reporter in Seattle WA, "Here we are so free!" I appreciate Bill having the courage to speak truth to power, and to unmask the lies that enabled the ministry to control so many for so long.
Originally Posted by Bill Mallon
Later, Tom was told that the ministry never makes a mistake! Although the brothers in the South are not perfect, having many weaknesses, they nevertheless attempt to run backwards in order to be in one accord, but the office fails to give them the opportunity of fellowship to demonstrate their oneness. The principals from the office who are involved in these affairs are Phillip, Benson, and Ray (I hesitate to mention these dear ones by name, but please allow me this liberty for the sake of honesty). Much embarrassment, confusion, harassment, and demoralization resulted from their attitude and behavior. On June 11, 1986, during the time in your home when you fellowshipped with me, you Identified the problem in every region as having the deficiency of the intrinsic fellowship of the one accord, but in this case, it is not the region, but the office who violates this principle and practice. It takes both the giving and receiving sides to release the intrinsic flow of mutual fellowship.
Disclosure: I'm also duplicitous - only God is good. But I don't hold my ministry above scrutiny or critique. Witness Lee did, and people like Bill Mallon and John Ingalls and Jane Anderson were important to show us what happens to a ministry that covers itself by saying "my ministry never makes a mistake".

If you look at the terminology Mallon uses you may recognise that he's channelling ministry-speak: "in order to be in one accord" and "the intrinsic fellowship to be in one accord", and "the opportunity to fellowship to demonstrate their oneness". But as Ray Graver and Mel Porter and Paul Hon made clear, it's all pseudo-spiritual claptrap.
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