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Default Re: Bill Mallon's Passing

Originally Posted by Nell View Post
I don't. I'm trying to find out. I'm pretty sure it was in the LA Convention Center. Is that your recollection JB482?

Here's an interesting list.

I've been trying to remember where and when it was,I looked through the pdf file and couldn't seem to find anything. I know it was in L.A. and am certain it was when Max was first coming to the forefront. It could have been in 1974 after the consolidations when the saints in Phoenix were told to go to San Diego or Anaheim. But I distinctly remember at that meeting Max pushing the wheelchair with bro Lee in it up the aisle to the front of the room to speak. I know this post is about Bill Mallon,I got to know Bill when I was in the church in Atlanta from 1976--1981 He was a very dear brother who cared deeply for the brothers and sisters.
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