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Default Prominent Local Church "Shouter" invades Harvard University

"Now we know why Witness Lee...
Only wanted people with moh-nee..."

Recently, a prominent member of the Local Church Shouter group of Witness Lee gave US $350 million dollars to Harvard University to get them to name one of their schools after his family.

Meanwhile, this same prominent member has bought over US $120 million of property around the Harvard Square next to the University campus.

Meanwhile, the same prominent member was yelling at his disciples aka Full Time Trainees in group gatherings in Boston to "take Harvard" and "take MIT" and "take BU". Why? "Because 'our brother' (Witness Lee) wanted this. It is God's move."

Did the Trustees of Harvard University decide not to connect the dots? Were they blinded by those zeroes? Or do they really have no clue what they received when they accepted this man's money?

A US attorney William Bennett investigated the links between the Local Church, Shouters, Lord Changshou sect, and Eastern Lightning sect.

These groups flood the college campus with tracts. Then they start to work on respondents, called "contacts". These contacts are made to open, consider, and trust via intense personal relations. Then the contacts are gradually separated from family, friends, and others. Their brains are literally re-programmed with the teachings of the sect.

The group only goes after people with money. They only are interested in the Bible as much as they can use it to get you to give in to their system. If you quote them anything that is not "their" verses they get nervous or upset with you.

What’s in the Eastern Lightning Handbook?

One of the books written by the EL is an “insider handbook,” instructing members how to ruin a church, gather information, win the trust of leaders, convert pastors, and even how to bring an entire congregation under the influence of EL. The book is divided into three chapters. Here is a summary of direct quotes from the EL handbook:

1. Spying is making use of various connections and methods to gain access to the inner workings of churches, winning their trust and confidence, and understanding their structure and plans.
2. Do not speak in such a way as to make others suspicious of you. Be sober and normal, leaving a good impression. Let proper and orderly patterns govern your speech, sleeping, and eating. Be well mannered, dress neatly and normally....
3. You must have some basic knowledge of the Bible. Take special note on what Jesus said in the New Testament, the epistles of Paul, and passages in Revelation concerning saving grace....
4. Know some of the church’s methods of training and indoctrination.
5. Do not spy out these denominations: San Zi (Three-Self Church), Catholics, Dong Zhen (Eastern Orthodox), Buddhists, Taoists, Muslims, Beiliwang (Established King Church), Hongyi Liya (New Testament Church), etc... [Note: the last two groups mentioned are pseudo-Christian cults. Interestingly, the instruction to avoid spying out Three-Self and Catholic churches is contrary to reports from both organizations that the EL has infiltrated their midst and won many converts.]

6. You should spy out the following: Those who believe in Jesus, pray to Jesus, who thirst for God’s revelation; Real believers who truly love God, those with no serious physical disability and a sane mind.
7. How to get the most out of spying: (a) You must try our best not to let people know you are lying, even as we for the sake of our work speak not the truth. (b) During your first few times in a new church speak little and ask many questions. (c) Try to understand the situation, what they emphasize, so that your actions can fall in with theirs, and not raise objections to your presence. (d) Say what they want to hear. Be sincere in prayer, mention some moving, sad things, and ask for more blessings for their families and the church. (e) For those sheep more selfish, or those with families, observe their behavior and make use of their weak points to maintain contact. For example, oblige people if they want to take you as their mentor or confidant. (f) Some believe crying is important in churches, so you should also cry with sadness and bitterness, thus moving their hearts and winning their trust. (g) Others believe a Christian should be outwardly suffering, or persecuted. Therefore you should act with a greater degree of seriousness in order to satisfy such people. (h) Do not, at anytime, preach during this spy stage. Only share some personal experiences or short testimonies, so that people have a good impression of you.

8. How to remove suspicion during spying: Many denominations do not swear oaths before God, so make sure you do not do so. When necessary, weep or kneel to pray, speak sincerely, cry as though it is from the heart and not faked.
9. Bridge building occurs after you have laid a good network of contacts. You will then be able to change people’s perspectives, picking on ideas or thoughts which will easily disrupt God’s work, changing them one by one. In other words, the work of bridge building is to introduce your new teachings that will spark in them “interest,” “appetite,” and “a heart of desire.”

The Local Church Shouter group buying legitimacy, using the Harvard name, to remove themselves from the EL group association. But look at their techniques: both use multitude of names to hide (Christians on Campus, Lord's Move to Europe, Bible for america), both want people with money. Both use the Bible as much as it is useful and no more, have no interest in learning, Christian discussion and openness. Both prey on nominal fringe believers, and are not interested in mature Christians or unbelievers. Both call their leader absolute acting God on earth. Etc.

Either the Trustees of Harvard University sold themselves out for a few hundred million dollars or they don't have a clue what they are getting. They really have no clue.
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