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Default Re: Post-Recovery: A Testimony

Originally Posted by InOmnibusCaritas View Post
Sure, the New Testament describes rather than prescribes how the early church organised themselves....
First: A BIG WELCOME bro InOmnibusCaritas

Second: While I deeply appreciate your Biblical exegesis of "church" and "churches" I can't help, when stepping back and taking an objective look, at this notion that: "we've got to get the church back to its early pre-tainted-Acts days" it looks ever more Cargo Cultish. It's reverse engineering the church hoping to bring "the cargo," or in this case, God's blessings. But who said this is so? Where is it said in the Bible for us to do that today, in order to get Gods' blessings? Does God really care about the ground of the assembly? Wouldn't God care more about the assembly itself, regardless of what dirt they stood on?
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