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Smile Re: Open Letter - Dear Saints in the Lord's Recovery

Thank you, Ohio and Nell for your response to my "storms" statement. I believed the LSm side that the storms were caused by dissenting, ambitious, offended,
rebellious, etc. ones. In recent years, I have seen that there were other factors involved, to say the least. It finally struck me that they were never wrong, if they even considered what these brothers brought up, they never admitted it.
I had thought that the 2006 actions were right. But only within the past couple of years, did I actually see how wrong those actions were, mainly by the results:
division, hurts, confusion etc. Ohio writing about these factors with the quarantine, caused to start thinking critically about it.
Anyways, I just found it interesting that these had occurred in 10-year spans and there hadn't been one since 2006.
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