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Default Re: The Church in Fullerton Elders have announced a sexual predator's sin

Originally Posted by aron View Post
Likewise, Titus Chu wanted to be a Spiritual Giant (LSM's own term), and the Blendeds had said that the age of Spiritual Giants was over, so they pushed him out. His crime was that he wanted to be just like Witness Lee. At some point it should be painfully obvious that this is a system created and administered by fallen, grasping humans. It isn't the Lord's recovery. It is human selfishness fueling error. And how many people got hurt?
Not to take away from anything in Jo's letter, but the ongoing power struggle between LSM and GLA is what's causing most harm to the people in the LC's today. Even if they're not directly involved in that struggle, they're unintentionally being caught in the crossfire.
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