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Default Re: The Church in Fullerton Elders have announced a sexual predator's sin

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
15 years ago, THE LORD sent Lee's perhaps most gifted student Titus Chu to the Blendeds, using pages of quotes from Nee's and Lee's own writings. TC, highly respected in both the US and SE Asia, attempted to bring much needed reforms in the Recovery to leaders at LSM who had totally lost their way. They held a Kangaroo Court at their Whistler Resort ITERO in absentia accusing him of all sorts of non-biblical "heresies," like wanting clean sheets in Thailand. Since then every brother or sister protesting LSM's actions has also been thrown under the bus.
Ohio, if Titus Chu was Lee's best student then what is that really saying considering all the distain here for Witness Lee?

I'll share what's undoubtedly going to be an unpopular view here on the forum.

The reason I came to these boards a little over a year ago was because of concern for the people I've gotten to know, not within Witness Lee's Local Churches, but within Titus Chu's.

I understand you left in 2006 so you may be unaware of what the Mid-West Local Churches look like today but I will say this; When I first started reading about Witness Lee and his ministry on the forums, I thought to myself how familiar it all looked and sounded...

Now I don't know Titus Chu intimately, and frankly I'm not sure if that's something that is even possible (because everyone's all so suspicious of one another), but I have seen enough to judge. And I've actually seen a lot...

From what I have seen, I can tell you this; the "Kangaroo court" and the quarantining of Titus for "selfish ambition" are both fully least in the sight of men. And I have good reason to say that.

After 13 years of so called "reform" and no real change or distinction in doctrine or practice between the LSM and GLA it's obvious that the Lord hadn't sent Titus at all, Titus sent Titus. If you want to know why reform didn't happened, Neitzsche and the abyss explains it.

Neither side listened to each other probably because both sides were seeking their own interests in 2006. Either way, why would you want to reform something that wasn't the Lord's to begin with?

If it's foolish to think God chooses sides in politics, the same applies here. LSM vs GLA in no different then Democrat vs Republican. Two opposing parties, same single system.

With that said, all that were directly involved on both sides need to repent for the damage this division caused to all the families. And anyone that's keeping that division alive isn't helping the situation.

Pray for Titus and pray for the leaders in the LSM so that they can be both reconciliated to each other and to Christ. But if no reconciliation takes place, then like Jo and Greg, people need to start leaving those unhealthy environments otherwise they'd just be fighting someone else's battle.
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