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Default Re: The Church in Fullerton Elders have announced a sexual predator's sin

Originally Posted by Igzy View Post
How long will it take, Harold, for you to catch on that your cynicism is also part of the problem?

I think your last comment was rude and inappropriate.
Well okay. But I caught on that the local church was/is a cult back circa 1980.

So I'm mystified by people that have join since then. And mystified by those staying in for decades since.

And maybe my last question was rude. Maybe not. Still it will likely be a question that troubles Jo and Greg for a long time.

And likely a question that troubles you. It's certainly a question that troubles me, still today. I chalk it up to ignorance. But that doesn't somehow satisfied the itch in the question.

We should all question it. How and why did we fall for it? And why didn't we catch onto it quickly?

And brother, you have no clue about the extent of my cynicism, toward the local church, and the human inclination to join cults in general. I see it happening all the time, and I'm puzzled by it.

My cynicism is a problem sure ... to those supporting the local church. I'm not much into coddling them. They didn't coddle me, nor many, many, untold many others, with their excommunicating and quarantining. They're playing it rough and tumble. So I don't want to hear whining when I give 'em rough and tumble back.

So shame, shame, on those that haven't caught on to the deception.

Still brother Igzy, I'm sorry for offending you. Mea Culpa.
Cults: My brain will always be there for you. Thinking. So you don't have to.
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