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Default Re: Open Letter - Dear Saints in the Lord's Recovery

Originally Posted by Weighingin View Post
To Jo S and Awareness:
I apologize for my abyss/monster quotation, that was overkill. I was trying to respond to your post, but I didn't think it through. I don't write or express
things as well as a lot of you. Maybe I can express my response to your posts by an example.
No need to apologize, Weighingin. It was actually fitting to my point.

However since Awareness openly acknowledged admiration for Neitzsche here, I thought I'd briefly address this.

Neitzsche speaks about the "ego" or "shadow-self". This is his version of the soul. Guys like him don't acknowledge that sin exists. Because of this, they do not separate sin from the soul (or ego/shadow-self) but equate them, and then teach that the ego is the problem when in reality it's sin thus tossing both sin out along with the soul.

Essentially what he does is no different then what Nee and Lee did in their teachings of losing your soul-life. And it's the same thing that all gnostics do, claim everything of man (including their soul) is evil.

It's no surprise Neitzsche was a nihilist, or didn't believe in an ultimate meaning and purpose to existence. It's because he waged war against the part of him that is made in God's image. And without God, there's ultimately no purpose to life. All you're left with is fleeting passion, desires, and fleeting man-made movements.

So to go from Nee/Lee to Neitzsche is effectively the abyss staring back at you.
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