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Originally Posted by aron View Post
And yes, I can ask for help, too. But I'm no longer the black hole of need - everything in, nothing out. When I learned to give and to care I truly began to feel that God was healing me. "When you lose your soul you will find it."
It was my hope that the "soul-life" thread would have helped make clear the point that there isn't anything inherently bad about the human soul. Our souls are who we uniquely are and it's the part of us made in the image of God. It's not something you ever want to lose. Sin is the problem, not the soul.

The correct interpretation for "psuche" in the context of Matthew 10:39 is "life" referring to a way of life. Paul had the correct understanding of what Christ meant in 2 Cor 5:17. When a person has faith in Christ and the Holy Spirit comes upon them, it's sin that is directly dealt with and not the soul. The old life that was in bondage to sin is now gone, and the new creation has come.

I'm sorry for the rant, Aron, but I reel whenever I see the human soul viewed in a negative light. It may have not been what you meant but the way you reworded that scripture can easily be perceived the wrong way by some.
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