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Default A FB post

A post by one who was in leadership in the LC, from '72 to '89.

"I would follow up with brother Lee was not a deceiver. God used him. He loved the Lord. In the early days we would leave his Wed night sharing full of joy, desiring more of Jesus. But eventually things changed and many of us would leave his sharing feeling condemned, especially during the perfecting training years. W Lee really did believe God only used one man at a time. He believed the mantle was passed to him after W Nee passed. Also Lee felt he had neglected his children growing up so tried his best to care for them later. This was his downfall for it was used by the enemy to bring in corruption when immoral sin was discovered and not dealt with.

Bro Lee also believed he was the deputy authority, commander in chief, and God’s unique oracle for the present time. His contempt for contemporaries was always apparent. He often put down other leading brothers who had their own ministry that the saints enjoyed. What can we conclude? Bro Lee was a man used by God who seems to have gone too far in his estimation of himself and allowed an empire to be built up around his ministry. Church history is full of such gifted men who went too far. May we learn the lesson to never build up our own empire, stay humble, stay faithful to the Word, keep the Lord first and never allow another to replace Him in our devotion. These are days to be encouraged. The Lord is more real than ever. It is the Father’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom."
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