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Default Re: What Exactly Does a Believer Follow?

Originally Posted by Koinonia View Post
Drake, this is typical of the LC attitude and the attitude of LC posters here. You so easily dish out the judgment on others, but are taken aback when called out on it.
Be real Koinonia.

Look at the loaded terms in his first entry completely ignoring the sentiment in the base note. Tell me those are words of peace for a prayer. Better to leave the prayer, reconcile, and then go pray for his brother.

Besides, if his intentions in his prayer are pure he does not need to announce it in a public square. It is his right to do it, but how effective will it be?

Steel is a straight talker... to everyone. I agree with many things he says though not everything. But it is absurd to characterize his posts as “depravity”, “lifeless, or “loveless”. He challenges us to turn to the Lord, follow our spirit, pursue the Spirit. He leans on the life side. That is not depraved, lifeless, or loveless. I for one, believe the Lord has sent him here to reach posters in this forum. I don’t know for sure but how many brothers will you slander before you are left with just your own? You don’t have to agree with anything but you should listen and you certainly should not slander as LofT did.

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