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Default Re: What Exactly Does a Believer Follow?

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There is a caveat to "following life". Life is the person Jesus Christ. A person who follows life follows Jesus. When we see the Lord in something or someone we know the life is there. Sometimes what we think is life may not be associated with the person of Jesus Christ. This is a counterfeit life. We may end up following our feelings rather than fact. The new age movement for example has a counterfeit life, but is not associated with the person of Christ.
Christ is life; but life is not Christ. Lucifer has given a shiny little ball called "life" to the recovery that he uses to distract the saints from Christ. The level of idolatry in the recovery can be measured by the degree that "life" is the focus rather than Christ. To be fair, I don't think idolatry is restricted to the recovery. For example in the past my current denomination was known for preaching "once saved always saved". To the degree that the saints in this denomination focused on the security of the believer rather than on the one who secures the salvation, Christ Himself, would be an indicator of idolatry.
Look to Jesus not The Ministry! Hebrews 12:2.
Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith;
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