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Default Re: GotQuestions and Norman Geisler on the Local Church

Originally Posted by Igzy View Post
Drake, You'll just have to take my word for the fact that during that time all kinds of crazy things were being said. I also heard it claimed that the Church would be become the fourth of the Trinity. I heard it claimed that the LCM would make up the majority of the rapture. I heard it said that Lee's ministry embodied the very ministry of Christ from the throne--that you could take one for the other.

The point is that all kinds of over-the-top and unbalanced things were being thrown around. I may or may not have heard anyone suggest that Lee was the 4th, but it wouldn't have surprised me although I know most of us knew those kinds of statements were nonsense. But the fact that anyone would even think to say them shows how out-of-whack we were.

If you want to just say you don't believe me in order to bury the past then that's on you. But the fact remains that is denial. It's unhealthy and it will not bring the necessary humility for the LCM to advance. And if you going so far as to suggest that if I don't have "proof" thirty years later that settles anything then you are more desperate than I thought.

Ask yourself, what do I have to gain by lying.
I can understand that people say stupid things and it is possible someone said that Lee was the 4th person of the Trinity - I don't rule that out. I have come across individuals in the Recovery who believe in things that are clearly wrong. I have also come across individuals in denominations who believe in things that are clearly wrong. But this means this issue of Lee being the 4th of the Trinity is a stupid thing said, and nothing more than that. What Drake and I are calling out is the innuendo, suspicion, rumor, baseless claims from people who exaggerate the truth and use it to attack and discredit the ministry unfairly. As if the claims about Daystar et al., Philip Lee etc are not enough already.
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